Download ngrok

ngrok is a free tools for sharing projects created in localhost online. Access to all functions of the program you have from the command line. ngrok exposes local networked services behinds NATs and firewalls to the public internet over a secure tunnel. Share local websites, build/test webhook consumers and self-host personal services.

The application can be used for rapid sharing of projects to customers in order to get his feedback or test websites on mobile devices. Shared resources can password protect that third parties do not have the opportunity to browse our files. In addition, by registering on the project website users will have the ability to create sub-domains for their services on ngrok webiste.

The free version of the tool allows you for tunneling only one connection via HTTPS or TCP. The paid editions of services appeared additionally possible to share more connections (from 3 to 60 depending on the package purchased services), tunneling own domains, service, support for TLS or cooperation projects.