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Calling has become a very basic and regular activity in today’s advanced and fast-moving world. What if you get to know that calling anyone is now free? Nextplus has developed a simple communication app Nextplus which provides complete phone service. To use this app on your PC or smartphone you need a good wi-fi connection and a valid email address. When you register in the app you will receive an exclusive phone number and you can share the same with family and friends so they can reach you. This app allows you to get in touch with anyone even if they don’t have Nextplus on their smartphones. Nextplus do not charge any hidden fees.


Make calls and messages free

Nextplus provides a free unique phone number, once you registered successfully. You can use your unique phone number to manage unlimited incoming and outgoing calls free. Not only calls, but you can also send and receive unlimited text messages without any restriction.

No cellular service required

Usually, to make a call you need a sim card but while making a call from Nextplus there is no such requirement. It is not mandatory to have cellular service, you just need a good wi-fi connection. You don’t have to make a payment of any kind for your unlimited calls, you will need to use credits that you have received by watching quick videos and banner ads.

Additional social features

The text messages which you have sent by using this app are delivered instantly via push notification. You can send emojis, stickers, and voice notes too by using Nextplus. This app allows you to personalize your profile by putting in any photo or GIF. You can make a group conversation and also check which of your friend is online.

Strong privacy

You can make calls and messages securely; nobody can steal your details because your conversation is sync by the app. Hence all your conversations remain safe and secured on Nextplus.

Cheap subscription plan

Although Nextplus provides free service, you can choose a low-cost subscription plan to remove advertising and for other extra benefits.


This app is simply designed for mobile phones and tablets, but you can use Nextplus on your PC or Mac by using android emulator software. The emulators can be downloaded easily and are available online. You can choose between bluestacks and Nox, as both are reliable and free.

  • To install Bluestacks, download these emulators by clicking on the Download button.

  • After downloading complete, follow the guidelines properly and successfully install the emulator software in your system.

  • Now once the android emulator is installed, add your google account by login into the software. You can use your existing account or create a new account.

  • Search nextplus in the search box and you can easily install the application from the Google play store.

  • On successfully installing the Nextplus you can use its excellent features on your system.