MySQL 5.1.67

Download MySQL 5.1.67

Developed by Oracle, MySQL 5.1.67 is an open-source platform that is created or designed as a relational database management system. This software works as a tool for the corporate developers to make productive developing, managing the industrial-strength applications, and deploying.

A wide range of features is provided by this platform including the acid transactions that build reliable and secure business-critical applications. To improve the productivity of the developer, the software stored the procedures. This program is an excellent platform that includes the information schema for easy access to metadata. The distributed transactions are present to support complex transactions across multiple databases. To understand this program in more detail you can further read the features.


Scalability and Flexibility

The scalability of MySQL is ultimate and excellent. This platform supports the capacity to handle the deeply embedded applications with a footprint of only 1MB to run or operate the massive data warehouses that consequently hold terabytes of data and information.

High availability

This program has two hallmarks including rock-solid reliability and constant availability. The users rely on this application to guarantee around-the-clock uptime.

High Performance

MySQL has this unique storage-engine architecture that enables database professionals to configure the database server precisely for particular applications. By the end, you will observe is the performance amazing results.

Robust Transactional Report

MySQL has one of the most effective and powerful transactional database engines in the software market. The features include unlimited row-level locking, complete ACID (consistent, atomic, durable, isolated) transaction support, and many more.

Strong data protection

The main task of the database professionals is to protect or guard the data asset of the corporation. Due to this, MySQL offers exceptional security features that ensure absolute data protection and security to the users.

Comprehensive application development

This software is a reliable platform that provides comprehensive support for every application development need. Within the database of the program, you will find the support for triggers, stored procedures, views, ANSI standard SQL, cursors, and more.

Management ease

The software has this tremendous quick-start capability with the average time. it takes less than 15 minutes to successfully install this program on your system.

24x7 support

Usually, the corporations feel a bit hesitant to commit to some open-source software because they believe that they might not get the professional service that they expect to ensure the overall success of their key application. But while working on MySQL, you will not need to worry about this, because this program provides 24x7 customer support.

How to install MySQL 5.1.67 on your Windows Operating system?

MySQL 5.1.67 database server is one of the excellent open-source database servers used in web application development. To install this program on your PC, follow the guidelines and instructions described below.

  • Open your browser and search “Download MySQL 5.1.67 for Windows” in the search bar.

  • You can select any trusted website like from the search result page to download this software on your system.

  • When the setup file is downloaded, start the installation process.

  • During the installation process, follow the guidelines and instructions very carefully.

  • Make sure that you set the root account password. Because the root user has full access to the MySQL database server and you will need to remember this password, you may need it later when creating a sample database.

  • Now click on the execute to start the configuration.

Once the configuration is completed the information message appears on the control panel. Click finish. To check the successful installation, you can run the task manager.