Download Mudbox

Mudbox is a software to create high-quality 3D geometry and textures for your next project. You can take advantage of an intuitive work environment and professional tools for 3D sculpting and painting.

Mudbox 2019 offer a palette of great features including true 3D painting across multiple channels, measure between two points or along a curve, symmetry tools to create any model symmetrical, twist for Grab Brush Create swirl-like effects on a mesh, create and merge Blend Shapes into a Maya scene, import and export Ptex and multitile UV textures, set different export paths for channels and layers, and advanced retopology tools to create clean, production-quality meshes.

You can also easy move models between Mudbox and other software like Maya, 3ds Max and Softimage. From options to choose from you can send selected model as new scene, update current scene, update textures in current scene, add selected to current scene. Mudbox offers also support for multitouch displays. Interactive control and display multitouch interaction and render-quality results.

The features doesn't end here. Mudbox 2019 can also organize and group Sculpt and Paint Layers, experiment with and revise design concepts easily (3D layer capabilities), support for Maya image plane matching, even out spaces between vertices with minimal change to the original mesh, 3D sculpt with Volume or Surface Falloff modes and much more.