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Are you tired of your screensaver popping up if you leave your Windows PC idle for a little while? Try using Mouse Jiggler, a tool that keeps your mouse pointer busy so that your PC screen does not turn idle.

Developed by Alistair Young, Mouse Jiggler is a simple software which basically gives you a “fake” mouse to input into Windows PC and jiggle the mouse pointer back and forth. Mouse Jiggler is a free product offered without warranty or support.

Mouse Jiggler is helpful to prevent desktop screensavers or something that is caused by idle detection, which you cannot switch off any other way for some reason, or to rapidly avoid the activation of a screensaver during the installation and monitoring of a lengthy operation without actually mucking screensaver configurations.

Features of Mouse Jiggler

To make the Mouse Jiggler function, only run the MouseJiggle.exe file with version. To start jiggling the mouse pointer, click the ‘Enable jiggle?’ check box, and uncheck to stop it. The jiggle is small enough that even with jiggling enabled you can use the device usually.

Though not having many features to brag about, the characteristics of Mouse Jiggler include the following ones.

Virtual Mouse Jiggling

The ‘Zen jiggle?’ checkbox entitles a mode that ‘virtually’ jiggles the mouse pointer, which means the device believes that the mouse pointer is moving continuously, thereby preventing screen saver activation and letting the screen go into idle mode, without the pointer actually having to move.

Background Jiggling

Click on the green arrow button to minimize Mouse Jiggler to the system tray.

Prestart Jiggling

If you wish to start the Mouse Jiggler with the mouse jiggling function already on, execute the MouseJiggle.exe with the command line switch of either -j or --jiggle.

Zen Jiggling

The command-line switch “-z”/”--zen” causes zen jiggling to kick in by activating Mouse Jiggler’s current and future invocations to do the same.

Activation while Minimized

Added in 1.5+ versions, this feature allows the command line switch “-m”/--minimized” to start the Mouse Jiggler to jiggle the mouse pointer while still being minimized.

Download and Install Mouse Jiggler for Windows PC

Download Mouse Jiggler for Windows PC

Mouse Jiggler is readily available for download from any of the numerous tech websites on the internet free of cost. Once you find a suitable source to download it, proceed with the download.

After the download completes, unzip the downloaded zip file to recover the setup executable file. Click on the setup file twice to start the Mouse Jiggler program. No additional installation process is required for this piece of software.

Now you can easily use the newly downloaded Mouse Jiggler tool to keep your mouse pointer busy jiggling so that your computer does not enter idle mode, even when you are not around. You can also employ several of the command lines prompts to make the tool function directly.

Enjoy keeping your mouse busy and the system always active!