Download moneyGuru

moneyGuru software is designed to manage your personal budget. Using this tool you can monitor financial situation and constantly check whether you can afford future expense.

The main aim of the application is focusing on the current presentation of the financial situation of the user. The program displays the most important data on revenues and expenditures in several different tabs. Among the main features of the application include support moneyGuru exchange, the mechanism of view of all the transactions, prompting automatic syntax.

In addition, the application displays easy to read bar graphs and pie as providing information about our financial situation. It is also worth noting that moneyGuru offers the ability to manage the application from the keyboard shortcuts. They make it easy to navigate through the various program options.

moneyGuru offers the ability to import databases stored in the formats QIF, OFX, QFX, and CSV. In the application, there were also the functionality to export data stored in tables for QIF and CSV files.