Mobile Legends

Download Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends for PC is an Action game that was developed by Moonton Studios. The game consists of a grand quest that was designed so advanced it’s taking the world by storm. The game can be played by using an Android emulator that is available to download. The user can download the emulator in order to allow the device to recreate the Android game to be played with ease in the user’s PC. Users get to challenge players from all over the world in intense 5v5 battles anytime the users wants across three lanes of action. The game also features several reproductions of classic maps painstakingly recreated and updated to give players something new and fresh with a very familiar feel. Users get to choose their heroes and assemble a powerful team to capture their opponents’ tower.


  • Prep-Time: Players can now enjoy mere ten-second matchmaking before you get to jump right into the fray. The player has to fight across three lanes as the player travels a variety of jungles during ten-minute-long matches. With offline AI assistance, the player does not have to worry about losing their network connection during a big battle. The player can get reconnected in seconds and know that their team is being handled by the Mobile Legends AI system to avoid uneven matches during the player’s absence.

  • Multi-Instance: The game is filled with tools that the player needs to strategize and play.

  • More Screen Space: The game allows users to have more screen space, by which the user would be able to keep an eye on the minimap easier. The user can also keep track of everything that goes on in the user’s lane and making precise movements is also far easier than doing it on a small touch screen device.

  • Accuracy with External Devices: The game being played on an emulator allows ease of access for the user. With the help of Bluestacks, the user can notice that it’s far easier to compete because the user is able to use a mouse and keyboard. This allows the user to save a lot of time and concentration, but the mouse plays an important part in helping you to play better as well.

  • Multi-Login: The game can be logged in and played from multiple accounts. All the user needs to do is sync the main instance to replicate an action on all other instances.

  • Eco Mode: BlueStacks is an emulator that allows the user to make the game more efficient. By enabling the Eco Mode, the software reduces the user’s PC's resource consumption while the game keeps running in the background.

  • Real-Time Translation: The game brings real-time translation to the user’s favorite android games on PC. The user can play the game in any language, not just English.

  • High FPS: The emulator allows the user to up the FPS to the highest and gets a superior and enhanced performance in by enabling high frames in the emulator

Installation Requirements for MOBILE LEGENDS FOR PC

In order to play Mobile Legends on PC or Mac, you would be requiring an Emulator, so as to calibrate this game to work in a PC. Bluestacks is an Emulator software that is designed to enable Android applications to be run on PC or Mac. Make sure you PC is on Windows 7 or higher with at least 2 GB of RAM.

How to Download Mobile Legends on Windows

  1. Go to the Bluestacks official website and download the emulator. Once the download finishes, the installation prompt will appear. Select the drive where you want it to be stored by selecting on Customize Installation.

  2. Once the destination is selected the installation progress will be completed automatically and Bluestacks will open up prompting you to login with you Google Account.

  3. Once done, go to search and type “Mobile Legends” and click below on the app which is shown in the store.

  4. The app will open the download page. Click on Install and Accept.

  5. Once installation is complete the game will open automatically.