Download MemTest86

Memtest86 is a free application created to test memory installed on your computer. The program works with memory modules like DDR4, DDR2, and DDR3 offering 13 different algorithms for testing RAM.

Unreliable RAM can cause many problems including crashes and unexplained behavior of the system. Memtest86 helps diagnose damaged RAM or exclude it from the list causes system instability. It is a tool often used by hardware manufacturers, computer service, shops and overclockers pushing their memory parameters. The new version supports the latest technologies including XMP, UEFI, ECC RAM, Secure boot, Self-booting or dual booting. Download MemTest86 for free.

Memtest86 works completely independently of the system, and you can run it from a CD or USB drive. Moreover, Memtest86 displays basic information about the components of a computer like CPU and RAM, and it also allows you to test memory performance in the speed of access to reading and writing.