Media Composer First

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Media Composer First provides the same editing tools your favorite filmmakers, editors, and directors rely on daily. Avid software was used in many Hollywood production including the new movies Baby Driver, Star Wars and The Martian.

The free version of Media Composer allows you to work on 4 video and 8 audio tracks. Media Composer | First can read and edit raw footage and edit file-based video, audio, and graphics files in the size and resolution you want. You can work also with 4K video in your HD or SD timeline using FrameFlex.

There is also an option to organize and sort media with up to five bins available. Media Composer | First can also handle shaky camera footage, bad lighting, misaligned shots.

Screenshot of Media Composer First software running on Windows 10.

With Media Composer tools you can quickly browse, preview, and select clips, assemble a rough cut fast using the Source Browser, edit Multicam, audio ducking, and reframe high-res sources. You can create cinematic looks, special effects or set the mood through color.

Media Composer First add stunning visual effects and transitions, speed up or slow down video, correct color with color templates and effects.

Browse and shop the in-app Avid Marketplace for affordable video effects, audio plug-ins, software add-ons, stock footage, music, and more. Media Composer First contains a virtual recording studio to help you create professional-quality soundtracks.

You can edit and mix dialog, music, and sound effects, record narration and voiceovers with audio punch-in. There is also an easy publishing system to upload video directly to social media platforms, including YouTube and Vimeo.