Magic Bullet Suite

Download Magic Bullet Suite

Magic Bullet Suite is a set of 7 tools for video post-production working as a host for applications like Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro and Apple Motion. You can download Magic Bullet Suite for Windows and Mac.

The Suite includes plug-ins like Magic Bullet Looks, Magic Bullet Colorista III, Magic Bullet Movie, Magic Bullet Mojo, Magic Bullet Cosmo, Denoiser II and LUT Buddy. Available tools allows you to create hollywood video productions look without using complex systems of lighting or professional cameras via color grading technologies.

Magic Bullet Suite offers a range of professional tools (3-Way Wheels, Power Masks, Keyer) allowing you to change selected color, specific area, as well as the entire movie clip. In Magic Bullet Suite we can find also a simple tool Magic Bullet Mojo for generate interesting color effects through a single mouse click.

In addition, Magic Bullet Suite offers a plugin Denoiser II for improving the quality of video by removing noise, Magic Bullet Movie that offers a set of tools emulates the entire photochemical process for an authentic look, and Magic Bullet Cosmo to remove wrinkles, improve skin appearance of talent etc.