Download LibreOffice

LibreOffice is a free office suite offering a text editor, spreadsheet, presentation tool, database module, and an application for drawing and creating sophisticated mathematical formulas. Download Libre office for free.

Calc is a spreadsheet that allows you to create formulas, calculating rates based on data collected online, create charts, cell formatting, or create your own functions. Impress is a tool designed for creating presentations.

Offers the ability to easily create transition effects, add to project both raster graphics and vector like. Finished projects can be saved to files EXE files.

The writer is editor offers all necessary functions for editing text documents. For the edited files can insert graphics, tables, charts, you can use style sheets.

The application is packed with an extensive dictionary spell checker, supports serial correspondence and offers some powerful formatting and indexing text.

Screenshot of LibreOffice software running on Windows 10.

Base is a tool for creating databases that allows you to manage tables, forms, queries and reports. The program supports databases such as HSQL, dBase, MySQL, Adabas D, MS Access and PostgreSQL. Draw while the application is designed to create mind maps and all kinds of diagrams.

The last tool included in the LibreOffice Math is allowing you to generate sophisticated mathematical equations. Finished projects can be imported into other package components.

All documents are stored in OpenDocument format, the new international standard for office documents. This format is based on XML, and its edditable by all applications that support ODF files.

Writer offers AutoText feature to import from .dotx and .dotm files, supports all types of custom document properties in RTF filter, new "Edit Section" uno command which works if cursor is in a section, has been created and added in context menu.

There is also a huge improvement in the export of bullets & numbering via copy & paste and new formatting toolbar focused on the use of styles is accessible through.

In Calc we can find new cell comment commands including comments toggle command to show/hide all comments on currently selected sheet(s), delete All Comments commands available under menu Sheet and how All Comments and Hide All Comments commands acting on the currently selected sheet(s).

The application supports now negative year date (BCE) in cell input and date display (last day BCE is -0001-12-31, the next day CE is 0001-01-01).

Four new sheet protection options have been added to optionally allow insertions and deletions of rows and columns. The Insert rows and Insert columns options allow row and column insertions even when the sheet is protected, whereas the Delete rows and Delete columns options allow row and column deletions.

In Math module we can find implemented context menu edit commands: cut, copy, paste for the Formula command input panel. Improvements in EMF+ vector images import (used by .doc, docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt file formats).

LibreOffice uses pdfium to render inserted PDF images and supports linked and embedded videos in the PDF export of Writer and Impress. Toolbar with shortcuts was introduced in the tabbed Notebookbar.

Also amount of rows available in the Online Calc was increased to 10.000, performance by avoiding compression of PNG compression of un-changed tiles, and by avoiding sending PNG's that are already at the client side was improved.