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Lazarus is integrated development environment based on Free Pascal compiler and Lazarus Component Library (LCL) libraries. The environment is based on Borland Delphi application. Its compiler FPC is being constantly developed to improve performance. The Lazarus IDE itself is developed using Lazarus.

Just like in Delphi 7 creation the program windows is done using drag and drop method, and selected components are placed on the window. Currently supports the following types of interfaces: WIN32 GDI, GTK + 1.2.x (Unix, Mac OS X), GTK + 2.x, Qt 4 (C ++) and Windows CE. Besides Lazarus , t is one of the few tools for creating applications for PDAs (Windows CE, Qtopia). Lazarus has a graphical form designer with guidelines for aligning with adjacent components. There are numerous components for almost every software imaginable ready to be used.

Screenshot of Lazarus software running on Windows 10.

Default Lazarus offers a large database of built-in components for application development. Among the available controls you will find text, canvas, menus, buttons, progress bars, the text entry including passwords, canvas OpenGL, OLE container, video player or toolbar, network and web components, databases and much more. Further components can be added to the IDE by Lazarus Package Files (LPKs).

Lazarus allows you to compile native code for all supported platforms. Lazarus is equipped with the optional prompting the syntax, the ability to create your own classes, modules, links to files, containers, modules, report and much more.