Download Junkware Removal Tool

Junkware Removal Tool is a tool that allows you to quick and efficient remove potentially unwanted software (PUP) including adware components and toolbars from Windows system. Malwarebytes Junkware Removal Tool is available for free download.

The tool scans running services, processes, files and folders, registry entries, plug-ins for browsers, which can hide unwanted components. These applications are installed mainly by downloaders and assistants downloads. When Junkware Removal Tool detects malicious components immediately deletes them automatically. The user can not choose which applications would be left in the system. Junkware Removal Tool can also restore the default settings for such browsers as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome.

The program can cope without problems with the removal of toolbars such as 24 × 7 help, Advanced System Protector, AppGraffiti, Ask Toolbar, Astromenda, Babylon, Baidu, Blekko, BrowserProtect, Browsersafeguard, Claro, Complitly, Conduit, DataMgr, dealio, DealPly Delta, Driver Pro Driver Cure, Eorezo, ESAF, Facemoods, Fantastiames, Findgala, Freecause, Getsavin, Globaearch, Guffins, hao123, ILivid, Iminent, Inbox Toolbar and much more.

Malwarebytes has chosen to discontinue Junkware Removal Tool (JRT) by announcing the end of maintenance as of October 26, 2017.