Jasc PaintShop Pro 9.01

Download Jasc PaintShop Pro 9.01

Are you a graphic designer by profession and handle as well as operate several rasters and vectors daily? Do you find most photo-editing software of little use when it comes to professional editing? Then you should try Jasc PaintShop Pro and get cracking!

PaintShop Pro (PSP) is a Microsoft Windows raster and vector graphics editor. Initially, it was released by Jasc Software. Corel acquired Jasc Software and the distribution rights to PaintShop Pro in October 2004. Photoshop-compatible plugins will expand PaintShop Pro functionality.

Get everything you need with the best-ever set of premium photo tools to take your pictures to bold new levels. Start with Jasc PaintShop Pro’s powerful image editing and compositing, then turn your great images into ON1 Perfect Effects 9.5 with hundreds of presets and customizable philtres. Get Photoshop-like results with PaintShop Pro Ultimate for less, including a smoother, simpler PaintShop Pro and an exclusive premium software bonus set you won’t find in Photoshop.

Features of Jasc PaintShop Pro

With Jasc PaintShop Pro, you can defy the ordinary and refrain from being boring. Use the smarter, quicker, more intuitive photo editor app with a premium program bonus pack, to capture life and spark your imagination. The features of Jasc PaintShop Pro are given in the section below.

Innumerable Photo Effects

Bridge the gap with access to thousands of the most common photo effects between technology and artistry. You now have the best weapon against mediocrity from the photographer and one of the most exemplary methods for artistic stimulation. To obtain some of the most challenging photo effects with ease, click your way and more importantly, get them at the speed of lightning.

Intuitive Toolbox

The Parallels Toolbox is an all-in-one solution for macOS and Windows with over 30 gadgets. Solve a problem with a single-click to save space on your hard drive, produce high-quality content, and easily customize your presentation device. This economical suite of software replaces the need for several applications on your machine.

Animate Effortlessly

With PhotoMirage Express, you can quickly turn any picture into a mesmerizing animation in a matter of minutes. It’s ridiculously simple and addictive to add some life to your photos, and then to share your masterpieces on social media. To render awe-inspiring photo animations that captivate, engage, and transfix, use PhotoMirage Express.

Digital Art Creator

With Painter Basics 6. Become a digital artist. This easy-to-learn painting software will turn your images into unique works of art in oil, pastel, or impressionism. Or in a friendly environment, learn to paint, draw and sketch from scratch, using pencils, pens, and particles.

Plethora Of Editing Tools

With thousands of brushes, textures, and over 100 new royalty-free backgrounds, extend your artistic capabilities. With playful patterns, trees, sunsets, and more, along with an array of vibrant brushstrokes, enhance your photo projects.

Effortless Image Cloning

With PaintShop Pro, clone technology is at its best. The all-new, content-aware SmartClone function enables you to combine elements from multiple images quickly and incorporate them into one seamlessly. The SmartClone capabilities are diverse and can be used in exciting designs and compositions for necessary retouches.

Download & Install Jasc PaintShop Pro for Windows PC

Download Jasc PaintShop Pro for Windows PC

Simply search online for the latest version of PaintShop Pro and download a copy from one of the several websites providing it on the internet. Once the setup file finishes downloading, run it to start the installer.

Install Jasc PaintShop Pro for Windows PC

After the installer pops up on the screen, follow these simple steps to complete the installation process.

  1. Agree to their User Agreement and click on ‘Next’.

  2. Please wait for the installation process to start and let it complete.

  3. Once the above process ends, click on ‘Finish’.

Now you are all set to edit photographs like a professional editor and make those priceless moments captured on camera shine even more! Have fun with Jasc PaintShop Pro!