iTunes 12.2

Download iTunes 12.2

Apple’s most coveted software is now available for Windows. That’s right, the celebrated iTunes Store is now making a splash in the Windows market. Apparently, it has already traveled the length of the Apple store and now is now looking to expand its audience. What better way than to shift to computer technology’s most dominated operating system?

The iTunes Store for Windows offers the same impeccable library for sifting through tracks. Its interface is almost the same, except for a few additional features. iTunes is well known for playing content that doesn’t necessarily pertain to music. It can play TV shows, movies, podcasts, and much more. In short, it is a media player that is albeit superior to other players. It is Apple’s trademark software and now, it aims to provide the same enthralling features to Windows users.

Key Features Of iTunes 12.2

Large Libraries

The iTunes library falls short of nothing. When you navigate through the aisles, you will find music from every era, every artist, and every album ever created in the music industry. Thus you are presented with an endless supply of songs that can be used for custom-made playlists. Discover new music as you hunt for familiar tunes. Download them and burn CDs with them. iTunes Store will become your favorite store in no time at all.

More Than Music

Listen to your favorite books by adding content from the adjacent store i.e. Audible. The Audible app is inbuilt in iTunes so whenever you are tired of listening to music, you can just shift your sphere to books. Audible is well-stacked with the best e-book content you will ever find.

Customization Galore

Everything about the iTunes app, starting from the user interface to the playlists can be customized. The theme of the interface can be changed from light to dark. The integrated media player can be fine-tuned to capture the rich sound of music. Playlists can be created from both online and local sources. This again can be personalized by renaming it and shuffling the order of songs in it.

Sync Devices

Like all Apple apps, you can sync devices on the iTunes platform as well, provided they dwell within the Apple ecosystem.

System Requirements Of iTunes 12.2

It is important that your system fulfills the following requirements so you can the software without a glitch:

  • It should be compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 operating system (32- or 64-bit)

  • Intel or AMD processor with a speed of 1 GHz is enough but it should support SSE2 as well.

  • To play videos on the iTunes store, a DirectX 9.0 video card is required

How To Download It On PC

There are many download sources on the internet but we will use the easiest and most reliable of them all.

  1. You will find a download button on this page, click on it.

  2. Once you do, you will be directed to another page wherein the .exe file downloads automatically.

  3. Run this file on the system. Follow all the installation instructions until you hit ‘Install Now’. And finally, iTunes gets installed on your PC.