Download iTools

iTools is the latest version of iOS management software packed with great tools for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Display useful device information, explore files, transfer phone to phone, record iOS screen, erase all data, reboot the device, and more using the application.

Download iTools for Windows or Mac and take control over your iPhone data. The program works on a 64 and 32-bit system and was tested to operate from Windows XP and up to Windows 10, and Mac OSX 10.7 and above. To access all features its required to activate the application or pay a monthly subscription fee.

My Device is the place to start when you will connect your iPhone to PC or Mac. Find here basic information about your device like device type, installed iOS version, hard disk type, serial number, IMEI number, battery capacity, Wi-Fi type, check activation and iCloud status, etc.

iTools for Windows

There are also available options to change the iDevice name, restart the device, take a screenshot, create playlists, sync data over Wi-Fi, and even view what kind of data (apps, books, photos, music, others, etc.) are stored on the drive. Everything what would you find in iTunes.

Moreover, the software doesn’t require iTunes to work on Windows. iTools 4 will download all necessary files that are required to connect Apple devices on Windows. From this section, you can also manage installed apps, import and export photos, music, videos, books, contacts, and other files on your device.

iTools Windows edition is packed with many more features then iTools for Mac. It offers extended device toolkit with a lot of handy tools. Of course, when you will download iTools for iPhone, you will also have an option to create and restore backups of all data. iTools Pro for Mac also supports sync via Wi-Fi.

iTools Pro for Mac

iTools device toolkit includes File Explorer, Battery Monitor, Mobile Storage, Virtual Location, Screen Mirror, Desktop Manager, Icon fixer, Erase iPhone, Console Log, Crash Reports, and SSH Tunnel. The Toolbox offers also additional tools like Phone Transfer, Ringtone Maker, Video Converter, iTools Driver Diagnostic, HEIC Converter, and iTunes Backup Manager.

Battery Master available in iTools Toolbox displays advanced information about installed battery including charge time, full charge cycles, battery health, charger, actual and design capacity, current-voltage, battery temperature, serial number, and manufacturer.

Battery Master in iTools 4

iTools 4 can also enable iOS Developer Mode on your iPhone. This option is needed for example to activate iPhone screen mirroring to Windows or Mac. Record everything that you do on your home screen and create gameplays, tutorials, etc. in native resolution.

Desktop Manager is the next very useful tool offered by iTools. It allows you to manage icons on all home screens. Simply drag and drop apps and sync the result with your iDevice. Moreover, you can create the layout back-up and restore it back when needed.

iTools Data Transfer (with support for iPhone X) can transfer data between two devices and make a perfect synchronization of SMS, contacts, videos, albums, and apps. There is also an option to restore a backup directly from the cloud or erase the device to fabric settings.

Console Log will help you to analyze everything that’s going on the device. Monitor system logs in real-time and understand what is the logic behind the code, fix apps bug, etc. Crash Reports module offers access to all IPS files. View, export and import data with one click.

System Log on iOS

The iOS file manager is packed also with few tools including HEIC Converter allowing you to quickly convert images between HWIC and JPG, Ringtone Maker with support for local Music, and Device Music, Driver Diagnostic with quick access to Apple driver’s status.

There is also a Video Converter included that supports all popular formats, and iTunes Backup Manager from where you can restore and delete saved iOS copies. Virtual Location can be useful to hack into the system and change the GPS location of your iPhone.

Overall, iTools is a perfect solution for iPhone not only to manage the device, create backups, but also make diagnostic, transfer data between two devices, etc. In my opinion iTools for Mac - even when it offers fewer features - it is still a good product compering to other iTunes alternatives available on this platform. Of course, when you download iTools for Windows you will be 100% satisfied with the application. I recommend the iPhone device management tool for all users.

Trial version limitations

  • Media transfer between iOS and PC (20 files).
  • Photos transfer between iOS and PC (15 files).
  • Contact transfer between iOS and PC (10 files).
  • Save full log in Console Log (3 times).
  • Screen Mirroring is not allowed to record.

Subscription License

  • Full version of Virtual Location
  • Advanced GPX (Auto-generated GPX)
  • Launch unlimited Device simultaneously
  • Pokemon Feeds (100iv, candy, etc)