Download InstallMate

InstallMate is a professional tool to create advanced installers for apps designed for Windows platform. You can download InstallMate for Windows for free. The installers that you create are in Trial mode and they expire 14 hours after you create them.

One of the most exacting features of InstallMate is the ability to design the installer interface using WYSIWYG editor. Users can move the components around the window, change font styles, colors, elements, add graphics, icons, etc. InstallMate can also generate password-protected installers, compress files, download additional libraries, system compatibility before installing the program and much more.

Screenshot of InstallMate software running on Windows 10.

InstallMate offers also a built-in debugger that is useful to detect potential errors that may occur during installation of programs, option to write own scripts, create icons on the desktop, generate multilingual installers, add registry entries, create file associations, display windows with messages or detection For even finer control, you can also add an extension DLL with your own C or C++ functions that are called by the installer.

InstallMate 9 comes with predefined translations for 19 different languages including English, Polish, German, Czech, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Czech. It is also easy to add your own translations to virtually any aspect of the installer, from its dialog boxes to the title of the shortcuts that you install for your product. You can sign your installer with an Authenticode signature.