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Are you searching for a more efficient way to message people on Instagram than the messaging service that Instagram currently provides? Do you want a better version of Instagram where you can see who exactly are the ones who do not follow you back in a dedicated list? It would be best if you considered trying out the IG:dm Instagram Messenger developed by Solomon Omojola.

IGdm or Instagram Desktop Messenger is a desktop program that, like WhatsApp, is used to transfer your Instagram chats from your mobile devices to your computer.

You will continue to direct Instagram messages from your phone to your Windows desktop with the IG:dm Instagram Messenger app. IG:dm is open-source software that can be used by anyone free of charge, with contributions and benefits. Talk and make friends with friends from all over the world.

Features of IG:dm Instagram Messenger

IG:dm Instagram Messenger presents with several impressive features that you crave on Instagram but do not get. The most remarkable components of IG:dm Instagram Messenger have been highlighted below.

Continue Discussions

On the IG:dm Instagram Messenger mobile app, you will be able to resume your conversations from where you left off.

Two Factor Authentication

For accounts with two-factor authentication allowed, IG:dm Instagram Messenger has login support.

Deactivate Read Receipts

The IG:dm Instagram Messenger app offers a setting that prevents users from collecting receipts for reading.

Unfollowers List

View a list of users who are not going to follow you back with the IG:dm Instagram Messenger app.

Quote the Messages

The IG:dm Instagram Messenger app offers a personalized and easy way to quote chat messages in a conversation.

Save Photos and Videos

In the Instagram posts that you share in a conversation, you can save videos and photos via the IG:dm Instagram Messenger app.

Search for Fellow Instagrammers

You can scan and search for any user and initiate a user conversation with the IG:dm Instagram Messenger.

Download and Install IG:dm Instagram Messenger for Windows PC

Download IG:dm Instagram Messenger for Windows PC

Please note that the app IG:dm Instagram Messenger is a different company and is not affiliated with Instagram.

To download the latest version 3.0.0 of IG:dm Instagram Messenger app for your Windows PC, click on the ‘Download’ button above and get it instantly. Once the download is over, run the IG:dm Instagram Messenger setup installer to install the app on your Windows PC.

Although IGdm is designed to support all platforms - macOS, Linux, and Windows - when trying to get it running on your Windows or Linux machines, there are some known problems you might encounter. A list of them is here and potential workarounds.

There have been reported cases where the messenger has failed to launch with an error message. In such cases:

  1. Run the app as Administrator in Windows 7 compatibility mode.
  • Right-click on the setup file or the ‘IGdm installer.’
  • Go to the ‘Properties’ option.
  • Go to the ‘Compatibility’ tab.
  • Click ‘Run this program in compatibility mode.’
  • Select ‘Windows 7’
  • Near the bottom of the menu, tick the checkbox ‘Run this program as an administrator.’
  • Click ‘Apply’ to apply the changes.
  • Then try to rerun the installer.
  1. Download an older version 2.1.0
  • A drawback of this is that the latest features and enhancements applied to the newer versions can not be leveraged.

You are now all set to send out direct messages to your favorite contacts on Instagram and engaging and increasing your follower base. Enjoy!