HP Wireless Assistant

Download HP Wireless Assistant

It is quite challenging to manage and operate wireless devices. With advancements in technology, managing wireless devices, either is Wireless local area network (WLAN), wireless wide area networks (WWAN), or Bluetooth wireless devices will be more comfortable. All you have to do is download HP Wireless Assistant on your PC.

HP Wireless Assistant is designed to monitor and manage wireless devices and allow you to enable and disable them conveniently as per your choice. This excellent software provides a friendly environment capable of managing WLAN, WWAN, and other wireless devices.

The interface provided by this software is easy to use and displays the installed wireless devices with status indicators.


  • You will get the HP Wireless Assistant icon in the Notification area.

  • The user can identify the initial status messages.

  • This fantastic software provides independent control for installed wireless devices.

  • It is easier to evaluate whether the devices are enabling or disable. This can be done using the icon which indicates that all the devices are turned on and enabled.

  • HP Wireless Assistant supports wireless LAN and Bluetooth connections.

How to install HP Wireless Assistant on your PC?

HP Wireless Assistant is a useful platform that indicates the status of all wireless devices. You can install this software on your Windows 7, 8, 10 operating devices using various methods. You can download the PC Windows version of this software manually or by using the Windows Store. Both methods describe below.

Installing HP Wireless Assistant Manually

Step 1: Open your browser and search “Download HP Wireless Assistant for Windows” in the search box.

Step 2: You can select any trusted website from the search result page to download the software on your system.

Step 3: Choose the location on your system where you want to save the downloaded file.

Step 4: Once the HP Wireless Assistant downloads, double click on the setup or .exe file to start the installation process.

Step 5: Accept the license agreement. Follow the instructions and guidelines very carefully during the installation.

Step 6: Wait until the installation process is finished.

Step 7: You can now see the icon of HP Wireless Assistant on your desktop.

Step 8: Select the icon to run this application on your Windows operating system.

Installing HP Wireless Assistant by using Windows Store

HP Wireless Assistant software can be installed by using the Window store app available on your system. to use your Window store. You will need to sign up for your Microsoft account.

Step 1: Open the Window Store App on your PC.

Step 2: Search “HP Wireless Assistant” in the search box of the Window Store.

Step 3: Choose the icon of the application or software you want to download from the result page. it is mentioned on the Window Store App if the program is a free app or paid.

Step 4: Click on the download button to start downloading the application. When the installation is completed select the open button to start the application on your system.