Download HNSKY

Download HNSKY Planetarium for Windows or Linux and open the free planetarium program. The app works on a 64 and 32-bit system and was tested to operate from Windows XP and up to Windows 10 systems, and Linux. Remember to always download the latest version of the software.

What is HNSKY?

HNSKY is a powerful software that will help you to control your telescope via the ASCOM or INDI interface and find objects on the sky without having to set it the old fashioned way. The program has a comprehensive up to date deep sky database with 30.000 objects and detailed descriptions.

The Hallo Northern Sky Planetary Program is available for Windows and Linux-based systems. A star database with millions of stars and hundreds of Deep Sky Survey images which blends inaccurately. If you are an astronomy enthusiast HNSKY is the software to help you to make the research.


After you will download HNSKY, you will get access to an amazing database with over 30,000 deep space objects on file and native star databases up to magnitude 18. This database is made up of hundreds of Deep Sky Survey images which help ensure that HNSKY is precise and accurate.

The Sun, Moon, the planets, and their major moons are all displayed with surface features. What's more, HNSKY offers access to the online Deep Sky Survey which will update the asteroid and comet databases. Users can also benefit from the search function on the professional online astronomy databases. These include the GAIA DR2, UCAC4, NOMAD, and PPMXL star catalogs.

HNSKY maps the position of comets and asteroids thanks to online updating. This is critical to track current positions of asteroids and comets. The program offers access to hundreds of DSS deep sky images with a download option.

HNSKY Planetarium Software

Control almost any telescope using the ASCOM interface program with HNSKY. The solution works flawlessly together with programs like EQMOD and MaximDL. The fully integrated downloading mechanism of additional DSS images via the Internet makes the app really user friendly.

To download new images simply select an area and select download. Depending on the image size, after a few seconds, the DSS image will blend in the HNSKY map at the correct size and orientation. Also, the comet or asteroid database can be updated with just one click via an Internet connection.

Moreover, the search for objects in the selected area using the online database. Numerical integration for asteroids to achieve the highest accuracy positions years in the future or past. The Deep Sky Survey images help ensure the overall accuracy of star positioning.

HNSKY telescope

Additionally, users can download the USNO UCAC4 catalog of stars up to a magnitude of 16. When you will download HNSKY for Windows, the program can run in both 32-bit and 64-bit modes and is capable of controlling any telescope that uses the ASCOM interface. It's also great that HNSKY is also available for Linux.

What's even more impressive, the HNSKY program was developed using an open-source Pascal language and compiled with Lazarus IDE. All menus are crisp and clean as well as minimalist to the point of maddening. HNSKY doesn’t really tell you what is where, but it isn’t hard to master all the same.

The application is packed with powerful tools for conducting surveys of the sky and robust update options. HNSKYis targeted as a semi-professional planetarium software but what I can tell it is ideal both for the professional and the layperson as well. This is the best friend of your telescope.

HNSKY works very stable, and most importantly it is really easy-to-use. Combining it with your telescope makes the searching process of objects on the night sky more exiting. And what do you think? Will you download HNSKY and give it a try?