Download HelpNDoc

HelpNDoc is a powerful tool for creating help files, manuals, instruction manuals and various documents. Finished documents can be saved to formats like CHM, ePub, Kindle, DOC, PDF, and HTML. Download HelpNDoc for free and start working on documents.

To all types of documents, you can insert text, tables, HTML snippets, symbols, graphics, and multimedia files. HelpNDoc is equipped with a powerful text editor. You can use it to quickly and easily create from scratch documents or edit any text. The built-in text editor offers functions to change the font, add hyperlinks, create paragraphs and styles, search and change selected phrases, insert images etc.

Screenshot of HelpNDoc software running on Windows 10.

HelpNDoc is a small tool with powerful tools. You can use them to automatically generate a table of contents, edit documents in WYSIWYG mode, check spelling, write and run scripts, create your own styles, export documents and much more. Created help files, manuals, instructions can be automatically exported to multiple formats.

The style system available in HelpNDoc allows you to save documents in a format friendly devices such as the iPhone, or e-books that are compatible with the specification of readers and tablets like the iPad, Nook, Kobo eReader or Kindle.