HCFR Colorimeter

HCFR Colorimeter download for Windows.

General information

What is HCFR Colorimeter?

HCFR Colorimeter is a free tool designed to calibrate colors displayed on monitors and projectors. The application works with specialized sensors for measuring colors. It can also emulate such devices. Download the software for Windows.

This tool allows you to very accurate manipulate multiple image parameters allowing you to precisely set the best image quality for the selected device. HCFR Colorimeter can be calibrated gamma, grayscale, and color space. It is worth noting that the application is compatible with ArgyllCMS.

Screenshot of HCFR Colorimeter software running on Windows 10.

The program supports color calibration devices like i1 Display 1, i1 Display 2, ColorMunki Photo, i1 Display 3, i1 Pro, the Spyder 2, 3 Spyder, Spyder 4, Huey and ColorBob.

HCFR Colorimeter Alternative

DisplayCAL display calibration and characterization software.GNU
Calibrize calibrate colors of your monitor.freeware

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