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A farm simulation video game developed and released by Victor Interactive Software, Harvest Moon 64 is meant for playing on the Nintendo 64 gaming console. It is the third game in the Story of Seasons series, following Harvest Moon GB. It was first released in Japan in early 1999 and then in North America by Natsume in late 1999.

The main aim of this game is to restore and maintain an abandoned farm left by the grandfather. There are several other side quests that the player can choose to participate in along with restoring the farm, including training and racing a horse, selling vegetables, participating in a variety of city festivals, falling in love and getting married, collecting recipes, and collecting images from different achievements and events.

The player begins with the farm's bare minimum characteristics, including an empty chicken coop and barn. Still, it is possible to buy animals and house extensions and upgrade tools throughout the game. There is a church, a pub, a bakery, a town square, a flower store, a library, a tool shop, among other items, in the local town where most villagers spend their day.

The main focus of the Story of Seasons series is planting, growing, and harvesting crops. The available crops for planting include turnips, potatoes, maize, and strawberries, and they can be purchased during their respective season in the village. The player must till the fields, plant the seeds, then water the plots to grow crops. If continually watered, many crops can yield several vegetables during the season.

All crops from the earlier season will wither and must be cut down when the season ends, and a fresh one starts. Alternatively, a greenhouse can be designed so that any plant can thrive throughout the year at any time.

An axe, a hammer, a sickle, a hoe, and a watering can - these are the five simple tools the player begins with to help restore the farm. A tool will upgrade automatically after a certain amount of use (meaning when the tool becomes silver and then later gold), allowing the player to do more work faster with less power. You can buy equipment for livestock in the village, such as a cow milker and an animal brush.

The potential to marry and have a child is one of the other main features of Harvest Moon 64. In Harvest Moon 64, there are five eligible ladies, represented by hearts appearing in their dialogue boxes, reflecting their affection for the player, ranging from white, signifying indifference, to pink, signifying in love. Each of these girls has a suitor who, provided the player wishes to marry another girl or chooses not to pursue someone, will eventually marry her.

Which Emulator Will Smoothly Run Harvest Moon 64?

Since Harvest Moon 64 was originally meant to be played on the Nintendo 64 gaming console, to run the Harvest Moon 64 ROM seamlessly you are required to download and install a Nintendo 64 (N64) emulator on your Windows PC.

We recommend Project64 as the preferred N64 emulator to run the game on your PC as it is well-acclaimed by users with an 8.1/10 rating. However, other competitive N64 emulators available for the same purpose are BizHawk, Mupen64, UltraHLE, and SupraHLE.

Games Similar to Harvest Moon 64

The Nintendo 64 platform provided a wide range of famous game titles for players to enjoy playing, like Zelda, Goldeneye, and Turok. Nevertheless, if you are solely into farming games, then we suggest you check out the following titles.

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

This is the first game of Harvest Moon in which not only does the player have a child after marriage, but the child also ages to adulthood. The son of the player would look like their wife and have a unique collection of preferences and talents. Through taking him places, introducing him to people, and giving him gifts related to different fields, the child's developing personality can be affected. At the end of the game, one of seven potential professions is selected by the now-adult son: farmer, rancher, singer, artist, scholar, athlete, or scientist.

Harvest Moon: Back To Nature

For a non-Nintendo console, this is the first Harvest Moon title. Characters from Harvest Moon 64 were transferred, but with new lifestyles, personalities, and families, to be the characters in this game. Players may engage in a variety of activities that correspond with the seasons, such as betting on horse races, dating, and participating in festivals. The player is tasked with finding a suitable wife during the game, who will once propose, join the player on the farm where they marry, and start a family shortly after they are married.

Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning

This game is meant for the Nintendo 3DS. There are several new features in the game such as extensive customization of the character, the protagonist's house and furniture design, and the ability to customize the appearance of the village in which the game takes place.