Download GS-Calc

GS-Calc is a lightweight and powerful spreadsheet app. The application offers features like import, export, and convert data stored in files ODF, dBase, Clipper, Fox Pro, Excel and TXT.

Among the key features of the program include support for more than 12 million rows and to 4096 columns, the ability to organize the sheets in the form of a tree view to display statistics on a file, perform mathematical calculations using up to 16 processor cores, support for languages ​​JScripts and VBScripts, charting 2D and 3D, saving sheets of selected charts to PDF format.

Screenshot of GS-Calc software running on Windows 10.

GS-Calc offers around 300 built-in formulas (sum, difference, square), including specialized numerical functions as the schedule matrix, linear equations, regression with orthogonal polynomials, time series analysis, linear programming, integer quadratic programming, etc.

The demo version of the application has limitations in the form of export options to max 5000 lines in formats like dBase, FoxPro and TXT, use maximum 2 cores when generating data and create up to 10 sheets per file. In addition, GS-Calc generates a watermark on all sides of the sheets.