Download GPU Caps Viewer

GPU Caps Viewer is a software that displays a range of information about installed video card including support for technologies OpenGL, OpenCL and CUDA. The program recognizes both the latest NVIDIA and AMD GPU.

With the help of GPU Caps Viewer you can quickly view the graphics configuration layout parameters including memory type, memory size, the number of shaders, GPU clock, current temperature, the speed of the cooling system, and BIOS version. The application also displays useful information about installed drivers and supported OpenGL and OpenCL version, CPU type and speed, amount of system memory, operating system, PhysX version etc.

GPU Caps Viewer can also test and check the stability of the graphics chip and run the benchmark. The application offers several tests including Cel-Shading, Point Sprite Particle, Soft Shadows, Vertex Texture Fetching, geometry instancing, HDR + DoF, Fur, Surface Deformer, Particles and Ray Traced.

Moreover, the program allows you export report in text and XML format. This kind of report is useful for developers who need an outline of the customer graphics system.