Download Gpg4win

Gpg4win (GNU Privacy Guard for Windows) is a free set of tools created to encrypt files and e-mail. The application installs components like GnuPG, Cleopatra, GPA, GpgOL, GpgEX and Claws Mail. Encryption protects the contents against an unwanted party reading it.

The package includes GnuPG encryption tool, manager of certificates Cleopatra, alternative certificate manager GPA, Claws Mail email client, as well as two plugs allowing fast integration with Microsoft Outlook (versions 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013) and Microsoft Exchange Server for Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013. Gpg4win supports the standards OpenPGP and S / MIME (X.509), and sign data using RSA key.

Working with Gpg4win tool is based on 2 keys. The private key used to encrypt the data, while the public key should be sent to message recipients who have access to the message. Moreover, the Gpg4win package can generate and verify checksums stored in SHA1, SHA256, and MD5. You can also sign single files or complete folders directly from the Windows Explorer with GpgEX or Kleopatra. Select multiple files and folders to sign and encrypt them recursively into a gpgtar archive.