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Godot is a cross-platform development environment for creating games on platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS, consoles, HTML5, Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone devices and others.

With this app, you can develop complex 2D games with the fully dedicated 2D engine.

Godot offers a dedicated 2D engine, without need to fake 2D in 3D space, work in pixel coordinates, but resize to any screen resolution, support for sprites, animated sprites, polygons, parallax, layers, advanced particle system, custom physics & collision engine that works in pixel coordinates and some powerful animation editing capabilities, including cut-out, bone rigs, etc.

Screenshot of Godot software running on Windows 10.

You can also create realistic looking 3D games with the dedicated 3D Engine. God offers options to import 3D models from Max, Maya, Blender, etc. with full animation, supports skeleton deforms and blend shapes. render with HDR, anti-aliasing and linear color modes, post process fog, glow, bloom, color adjustment and much more.

Add custom behaviors to any object by extending it with Python-based scripting or optimize parts of the game or extend any part of the engine with friendly C++ API.

Godot has also functions to animate 2D or 3D objects and any property of any object can be animated, even function calls. The user can use custom transition curves and tweens.

You have also an option to create simple or complex user interfaces, with powerful GUI library, dozens of controls available as engine nodes.

There is also a custom physics engine designed for games and a built-in debugger that can help you to fix and optimize the game.

Godoto 3

Godot 3 offers a new physically-based renderer using OpenGL ES 3, new high-level networking API using ENet, rewritten import and export system, full support for glTF 2.0 (3D interchange format), added free look and fly navigation to the 3D editor, support for WebAssembly export and HDR Sky.

The new editor theme offers customizable base color, highlight color and contrast. Moreover, Godot comes with WebM videos (VP8/VP9 with Vorbis/Opus) support, optional soft shadows to 2D rendering and support for compiling using Visual Studio 2017.

Other changes in version 3 include C# support using Mono, support for rasterizing SVG to images on the fly, smoothed out 3D zooming, panning and movement, replaced skyboxes with panorama skies, IPv6 support for the engine's networking functions, support for uncompressed Targatextures, allowing for faster importing, rewrote the 2D and 3D particle systems.

The HTML5 platform now uses WebGL 2.0, improved internationalization support for projects, improved StyleBoxFlat, added styling and presentation of HTML5 exports and implemented missing features in the HTML5 platform.