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GitHub is a free service used to host software code and projects using Git system version control. The service is used by companies like Facebook, Microsoft, VMware, Mozilla and many others. Download GitHub Desktop for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

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Recent changes:

New features and improvements added to the newest version of software are available in the GitHub Desktop changelog, where you can find all highlights from this release.

Version 1.6.1

  • Don't show "No local changes" view when switching between changed files

Version 1.6

  • Help users add their first repo during onboarding 
  • "No local changes" view helpfully suggests next actions for you to take 
  • Support JetBrains Webstorm as an external editor 
  • Add Visual Basic syntax highlighting
  • Automatically locate a missing repository when it cannot be foundon't include untracked files in merge commit
  • Don't show "Still Conflicted Warning" when all conflicts are resolved 
  • Only execute menu action a single time upon hitting Enter
  • Show autocompletion of GitHub handles and issues properly in commit description field 
  • Repository list when no repositories found
  • Image diff menu no longer covered by large images
  • Enable additional actions during a merge conflict 
  • Increase contrast on input placeholder color in dark mode 
  • Don't show merge success banner when attempted merge doesn't complete 
  • Capitalize menu items appropriately on macOS

Version 1.5

  • Clone, create, or add repositories right from the repository dropdown 
  • Drag-and-drop to add local repositories from macOS tray icon 
  • Resolve merge conflicts through a guided flow 
  • Allow merging branches directly from branch dropdown
  • Commit file list now has "Copy File Path" context menu action
  • Keyboard shortcut for "Rename Branch" menu item 
  • Notify users when a merge is successfully completed