GitHub Desktop

Download GitHub Desktop

GitHub is a free service used to host software code and projects using Git system version control. The service is used by companies like Facebook, Microsoft, VMware, Mozilla and many others. Download GitHub Desktop for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Among the main client capabilities, we can find cloning functions, viewing history, saving, branching design or code sharing online within the website GitHub. Control of the projects can be carried out at multiple repositories of local and one remote server located in GitHub. The user can also configure the application so that it works with other compatible servers.

Screenshot of GitHub Desktop software running on Windows 10.

Also, the tool GitHub has been equipped with automatic synchronization of selected branches of projects, integration of the online service and the ability to download the branches of other users if the system automatically generates SSH keys.

The client also offers options to the inclusion of information on shared pieces of code or the overall progress of work on the project. An additional advantage is a possibility to run GitHub service from the command line without running the GUI.