Download GetFLV

Whether they are for entertainment or job assignments, we all love to watch videos on the Internet. Sadly, many websites that show videos do not provide them with a download option. You’ll need GetFLV to help you catch these internet videos and save them to your computer when you come across a scenario like this.

It is possible to import and convert many video files to FLV. The app does not, however, allow you to incorporate multiple videos into one file. But by allowing you to crop, trim, add watermarks, and change the color sliders, it does allow you to enhance the video.

Features of GetFLV

The exceptional features of GetFLV have been highlighted below.

Lightweight Functionality

GetFLV is an application that is very easy to run. It takes some time for you to get used to it as soon as you open the browser. The good thing is with the app, there’s a user guide that outlines every move you need to take. This guide will pop up to help you out if you’re in a difficult situation.

Easy To Handle

From the side screen, you can access all the primary app features. To search the Internet with an optimized internet browser, you can use the FLV Browser. To improve your system’s performance, you can also test various kernels. This is, of course, based on your current internet connection, setup, and operating system.

Seamless Video Grabbing

The app will show the link automatically in a list at the bottom when you come across a video that you want to download. You can select the destination where you want the video to be saved and the video output quality. How easily the videos are downloaded will decide the speed of your Internet connection.

Multiple Beneficial Tools

Downloading videos is not the only thing you would be able to do with this app. You’ll find other helpful tools like FLV Audio Ripper, FLV Converter, and FLV Creator as you keep browsing the side screen.

Multiple Format Support

You can save videos in other file formats than FLV, despite the name of the program. You can also connect many different video files and convert them to some of the other video file formats that are available. Each arrangement, such as mobile devices, personal computers, etc., is placed in a group. The one you choose depends on where you want to replicate the video. You can do that, too, if you’re going to configure the quality settings.

Download and Install GetFLV for Windows PC

GetFLV is readily available for download from this very page by clicking on the ‘Download’ button above. Once downloaded, run the GetFLV installer to install the software on your Windows PC. Now, you will be able to efficiently launch GetFLV whenever you come across an exciting video on the Internet and want to grab it as soon as possible.

This software, in general, does what is required of it. The functionality could be improved because when checked on various operating systems, there were a few errors found. In general, to do what it is meant to do, the software works quickly and efficiently. Enjoy downloading videos!