Download FocusWriter

FocusWriter is a simple, distraction-free writing software. The text editor hide-away interface that you access by moving your mouse to the edges of the screen, allowing the software to have a familiar look and feel to it while still getting out of the way so that you can immerse yourself in your work.

FocusWriter is available for Linux, Windows, and macOS, and has been translated into 20 different languages. It offers support for TXT, basic RTF, and basic ODT file. FocusWriter features timers and alarms, daily goals, fully customizable themes, typewriter sound effects, live statistics, spell-checking, multi-document support, sessions and more.

In addition, FocusWriter offers functions typical for a text editor such as justification, searching and replacing text, bolding and italics or undoing changes. You can run FocusWriter in window mode or full screen. Thanks to this method the user can focus on the document, so it will not be distracted by other applications etc.

However, we can also use the program in a normal window adapted to individual needs. Moreover, FocusWriter has a toolbar that hides automatically, as well as the ability to edit the background. You can choose a one-color background or load selected graphics from a file. The software allows you to create a database of themes that you can store.

FocusWriter can also display statistics on the text being created including a number of characters and poems, as well as time spent at work.