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FastCopy is the fast copy and backup software available on Windows. This program will automatically select different copy methods according to whether the source and DestDir are in the same or different (HDD or SSD).

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Recent changes:

Version 3.63    

  • Fix error counter (when a large file couldn't be written to dest, it was incorrectly counted twice).
  • Enable to load fastcopy2.ini that contains BOM. 

Version 3.62    

  • Extend ACL option. (Not only DACL but also SACL will be copied if it is copied between the local NTFS/ReFS Drive with Admin mode).

Version 3.61

  • Fixed an issue that when ACL/AltStream is enabled, they are not copied correctly. 
  • Fix Installer (Win7 or earlier).

Version 3.60    

  • Add multi-threading for opening source files (big effect for network drive).
  • Fix to reflect timestamp for WevDAV (for OneDrive).
  • Prevent hardlink errors for non-NTFS drive.