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Far Manager, an abbreviation for File and Archive Manager, is an orthodox Microsoft Windows file manager and is a Norton Commander clone. Far Manager uses the Win32 console, having a user interface with a keyboard orientation, although limited mouse operation, including drag-and-drop, is possible.

Eugene Roshal founded Far Manager and, since 2000, has been under development by the Far Community. The Unicode divisions 2.0 and 3.0 of the project are open-source under the revised BSD license. As 32- and 64-bit constructs, all branches are open. Far Manager is also regarded as a file manager and text editor that is very flexible and a free alternative to Complete Commander.

External DLL modules-plugins (made possible by a unique set of interfaces-the Plugins API) greatly expand the functionality of Far Manager 64-bit. Archive support, FTP client, temporary panel, and network browser, for example, are all implemented as plugins included in Far's standard distribution.

Features of Far Manager (64-bit)

Far Manager 64-bit is a program designed to handle files and archives on Windows operating systems. Far Manager functions in text mode and offers a simple and intuitive interface for the most critical actions to be performed are Files and Directories Viewing, File editing, copying and renaming, and several other deeds.

The remarkable features of Far Manager (64-bit) have been detailed below.

Simplistic User Interface

Far Manager has an easily configurable GUI that is multi-language. By using color highlighting and sorting classes, file system navigation is made easier.

A Plethora of Manipulation Tools

An internal viewer and editor, tree views, customizable user menus, file search, compare, integrated support, and a task switcher for its tools are included in Far Manager. With macros (which allow scripting) and plugins, its standard functionality can be expanded.

Handy Panels

The default GUI of Far Manager combines two file panels with a prompt for an order. Panels can be entirely customized as to which columns are displayed and in which order, to and from either row, and operations can be performed. The file panels provide wildcard collection, advanced scanning, highlighting, and sorting. The file panels and command prompt are both working at the same time, using separate keys to communicate with them, and much of the functionality can be reached using keyboard shortcuts. At the bottom, the key bar displays the critical function actions for the currently held down modifier keys.

Functional Extensibility

With macros, written in the Lua scripting language, mainly used to record keypress sequences and plugins, Far's standard functionality can be significantly extended. The default installed standard plugins include FTP, Windows Network, Extensible Archive File Support and Virtual File Systems Temporary Panel (Sandbox), Process List, Print Manager, File Name Case Converter, and multiple editor plugins to format, wrap, and otherwise modify documents.

Download and Install Far Manager (64-bit) for Windows PC

To download the latest version of Far Manager, click on the 'Download' button above. Once the download completes, run the Far installer to install the software on your Windows PC.

After proper installation, Far Manager can be launched by you anytime you want to manage your files or archives. Cheers!