EOS Utility

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If you dabble in the field of digital photography, then you must know the utmost importance of picture quality. Taking pictures is one thing, preserving the picture quality is a whole another thing. People who meander in and out of the photography field don’t realize this, but professionals of their field do. That is why they use certain utility software to make their task easy.

One of them is known as EOS Utility software and it is by far, the most efficient software of them all. It allows users to connect their heavyweight cameras to the laptop or PC via a cable and transfer pictures without disturbing the quality of the images. This is an essential feature of the EOS utility kit. In addition, it enables remote connection to the camera and allows the camera settings to be manipulated on PC. Basically, you are operating on the camera without touching it. You are controlling it entirely from your system.

Key Features Of EOS Utility

Easy Connection

You can connect your camera using a good old-fashioned USB cable. Or you can connect it using the Wifi-direct feature. Either way, you need to make sure the software is installed beforehand. It reads the device and automates the connection so as to enable the transferral of files by the user.

High-Quality Pictures

Picture quality is often disrupted during the transfer of files without backing by EOS Utility. But once the system is equipped with it, you will find to your delight that the transferred pictures retain the same high-resolution quality they did when you clicked them. Little to no enhancements are required to “beautify” them.

Remote Control Access

Now tinker with all the settings of your camera on the broad expanse of your PC screen. We know how frustrating the settings can on the display screen of your camera but on the computer, they just seem fascinating. Exploit them for all they are worth.

Free To Use

Most camera companies like Nikon ask for payment for their utility service. But EOS is modeled for Canon devices, thereby it follows no such policy. It provides its program free of cost so every photographer can capture the beauty of their clicks on the computer.

System Requirements Of EOS Utility

Ensure that your system fulfills the following requirements before you try to install the software:

  • It should have Windows Vista/XP/7/ 8.1/8/10 operating system (64-bit)

  • It should have a Pentium processor that has 1.3 GHz speed or higher

How To Download It On PC

The following steps explain how to go about the installation process:

  1. When you click on the download button, you are directed to another page. Clicking the download button here will start the setup file’s download.

  2. After the download completes, run this file.

  3. In the setup window, run through the installation instructions all the way till the end. When you are done doing so, EOS Utility will install successfully on the PC.