Download EarthDesk

EarthDesk is a very impressive application designed to display on your desktop realistic picture of the Earth. The program automatically updates your desktop wallpaper displaying a realistic view of the cosmos. EarthDesk is more than just a pretty picture.

As it moves throughout the day, depicting live data, it's a great source of information. Through the program EarthDesk, you can follow on your desktop the current position of the sun, moon, lighting cities, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, and also find out what the weather conditions prevail in more than 10 000 cities in the world. The application also has the function of generating the presence of clouds almost in real time.

Screenshot of EarthDesk software running on Windows 10.

Additionally, you can change the transparency level of cloud layers displayed on the desktop. The clouds are captured from satellite images at a resolution of 2048x1024. The files are updated every six hours. The user also has the option to purchase an addition to the application quality image offering 8192x4096 pixels and frequency of data updates every 3 hours.

EarthDesk also allows the centering of the city and the observation of atmospheric changes resulting only in a selected area of ​​the planet. Multi-color labels can be used to group cities by category and pinpoint them on EarthDesk's maps. Labels are defined as per-screen for maximum versatility.

Watch earthquakes happen all over the world. Choose the minimum magnitude to display, select the number of days they remain, and fade out older quakes. Track major tropical storms, cyclones, typhoons, and hurricanes. Choose how to label the storm, and whether to display the Safir-Simpson category.