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DRevitalize is a program that repairs bad sectors (physical defects) on popular magnetic media (hard drives and also floppy drives to some extent) by generating a special sequence of high and low signals around the physically damaged area.

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Recent changes:

Version 4.00

  • New vendor-specific manufacturer commands available in version 3.32+ and 4.00 : Toshiba SATA clear defect reassign and clear SMART, new HGST drives support for format unit and clear SMART.
  • Supervisor mode allowing to execute any instruction on operating system hard drive C. Supervisor mode will require a special confirmation with a known password.
  • Possibility to switch current manufacturer via menu. This way a different set of vendor-specific ATA commands may be used for drives made by another manufacturer.
  • All defined in ATA8 specification SMART tests, including the selective SMART test, are now available. Two status lines (one for offline scan and one for self scan) updated on a regular basis.
  • All I/O operations are now made in synchronous mode. DRevitalize 4.00 will switch from asynchronous single-threaded I/O used in 3.xx version to synchronous multi threaded I/O.
  • Major improvement and clarification of feature functions. Those will also include SATA specific feature functions.
  • All possible Device Configuration Overlay settings may now be changed.
  • ATA terminal with check & try possibilities for user-defined ATA commands.
  • Detailed scan Log available anytime and with the possibility to be accessed even during scan.
  • Major visual changes. Screenshots + maybe video with the explanations of all new functions to be released soon.

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