Download Dilay

Dilay is a free 3D sculpting app that provides a number of powerful modeling tools. As each tool locally subdivides the mesh where more details are required, Dilay allows artists to rapidly create complex meshes. Download Dilay for Linux, and Windows.

Dilay's main window consists the 3D view on the right, the toolbar on the left, the statusbar at the bottom and menubar at the top. The 3D view covers the most space of Dilay's main window. It shows the mesh that is currently sculpted. Furthermore, it shows the 3D coordinate system along with the current primary plane.

Screenshot of Dilay software running on Windows 10.

Clicking in the main window leads to different outcomes. For example clicking the left mouse button applies the currently selected tool, whereas clicking the middle mouse button navigates the virtual camera. Dilay offers access to sculpting tools like carve, crease, grab, drag, flatten, smooth, pinch, reduce and few sketch tools.

Using the tools in the Sketch section of the toolbar allows to design a first draft of a mesh. A sketch is a tree-shaped frame of nodes, where each node may have an arbitrary set of child nodes. A sketch can be refined by drafting paths of spheres onto its surface.