Cyclonis Password Manager

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Using Cyclonis Password Manager you can save and store all passwords. Cyclonis Password Manager stores, encrypts, and organizes usernames, passwords, and other sensitive data, and the cloud storage option lets users sync all information across multiple devices.

All the information saved with Cyclonis Password Manager are encrypted using AES-256, and placed in a vault that can only be unlocked with a master password. Users can choose whether they would like to store their vault on the hard drive of their computers or in one of their cloud storage accounts.

You can use Dropbox, Google Drive, Apple iCloud, or Microsoft OneDrive. Moreover, Cyclonis Password Manager comes with various features to save time and simplify online tasks.

Screenshot of Cyclonis Password Manager software running on Windows 10.

Cyclonis Password Manager can retrieve usernames and passwords saved by the browser's native password manager and transfer them automatically to the Cyclonis user's vault. You can also import data from CSV files or other popular password management solutions.

Cyclonis Password Manager offers a sophisticated Password Analyzer which uses a complex algorithm to determine the strength of each password. Cyclonis Password Manager Wallet is designed to let users store their personal and payment information in their vault as well.

Cyclonis Password Manager's Password Generator lets you create complex passwords on the spot. This tool can be used to improve the strength of your existing accounts and to create new ones.

The password generator can be configured to create passwords that consist of pseudo-random strings of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and special characters.