Download CreateInstall

CreateInstall is a free installation software. It uses Gentee programming language as script installation language, but you can also use CreateInstall Assistant that is installed together with CreateInstall and is used for the quick creation of installations.

The installation software comes with built-in commands that are already available but you can add any operations that you require using Gentee programming language. Your installation packages will do only what you tell them to do. Using CreateInstall you have complete control over the install and uninstall processes. You can modify the interface of dialog boxes, add own resources including graphic items, and you will also have about 100 KB of source code used in installation packages.

Screenshot of CreateInstall software running on Windows 10.

CreateInstall offers also two basic compression algorithms that will make the installer smaller. The first algorithm offers good compression rate and the second one a high decompression rate for files. Moreover, you can use both algorithms for different groups of files in your installation package. To make the optimal installation package in regards to size and rate the file compression component offers additional settings.

CreateInstall comes with additional program CreateInstall Assistant. The powerful options are available with CreateInstall. If using CreateInstall can be hard you can use the help of CreateInstall Assistant and create the installation in few simple steps. If you want to add additional features to your project you can easily import projects to any version of CreateInstall.