Comodo Personal Firewall

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Comodo Personal Firewall is one of the most popular, and also a free firewall that provides comprehensive protection against attacks from viruses, Trojans, and other applications used by hackers.

The program filters inbound and outbound traffic, allowing you to run the system only user-selected applications. Comodo Personal Firewall also offers the ability to create rules for trusted and dangerous applications or hiding your computer's presence on the network. Moreover, the firewall is equipped with a system sandbox, which lets you run potentially dangerous programs in a virtual, completely isolated from the system operating environment.

Comodo Personal Firewall Advanced View Window

Comodo Personal Firewall also offers cloud-based applications to analyze whether the programs can run automatically trusted manufacturers available in the whitelist is available in the service cloud. It also offers the option of activation mode for the player who does not receive an update and display messages during play.

In the program, there was also a training mode that teaches a firewall which applications are trusted. Another advantage of Comodo Personal Firewall is an option to import and export most settings. With it, you quickly move to another system configuration or restore the configuration after you reinstall the system, etc.