Clash of Clans

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When the Finnish gaming company SuperCell first developed Clash of Clans back in 2012, they never foresaw the cult following their product would gain. Initially, the strategy video game was released only on mobile platforms. But ever since it culminated in worldwide acclaim, the developers were pushed to release the game on PC consoles as well. Though Clash of Clans Desktop didn’t garner the same level of popularity as its mobile counterpart, it is still loved by ardent CoC fans. For those of you who are familiar with the name but not the story, Clash of Clans is a strategy-based game where you take on the role of a village chief. Your job is to build a village, form an elusive clan, and fight off invading clans from other villages.

Key Features Of Clash Of Clans

Construct Your Village

As the chief in-charge, you are responsible for laying the village’s foundation on a mere piece of land. Construct building bore wells and mining tunnels. Relocate families to this village and watch them prosper, growing businesses and families in the sanctuary of your land. In the end, fortify your territory to ward off attacks from neighboring villages. Keep an army ready at all times in order to heed to emergency calls. You never know when the next clash between villages can happen.

Weave Magical Spells

The presence of different types of elixirs in the game is a pivotal point. Using these elixirs, the power of troops can be enhanced. Spells are generated by normal and dark elixirs. These can be used by the army on the offense which in turn leads to easy victories. So the more spells you weave, the more battles you can win, leading to game progress being made.

Engage In Warfare

A game that includes ‘clash’ in its title naturally implies the involvement of some warfare. These friendly clashes, as mentioned previously, occur between neighboring villages. The winner of these battles seizes the opponent’s land. Carefully lay out strategies on ‘Preparation Day’ and enforce them on ‘War Day’. The clan that earns the most stars on War day wins the battle.

System Requirements Of Clash Of Clans

Ensure that you meet the following system requirement to run the game smoothly:

  • It should have Windows 7/8/10 64-bit operating system

  • Minimum processor that can be used is Intel or AMD processor. It is always better to play games with multiple CPU cores operating on the PC system.

How To Download It On PC

The following instructions will guide you through the installation process of Clash of Clans for Desktop.

  1. Upon clicking the download button, you are redirected to another page. Click the download button here as well. This initiates the download of exe file.

  2. Run the exe file after the download completes. A setup window pops on the screen.

  3. Follow the installation instructions on this window until the very end. Finally, Clash of Clans will get installed successfully. Just double click the game icon and start playing!