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General information

What is Cinebench R15?

Cinebench r15 is a free program allowing users to test and compare the performance of processors and graphics cards. The application offers two advanced tests focusing on the maximum load of the CPU and GPU. Download Cinebench r15 for Windows and Mac.

The test CPU uses the full power of the processor to generate a photorealistic 3D scene by AixSponza. The generated scene uses a series of algorithms to test our CPU. It contains about 2 000 properties built with more than 300 000 polygons, blur effects, shadows, shaders and other elements. The test result is displayed points, and the higher the score we get, the faster the processor is. Cinebench r15 allows you to measure the performance of processors supporting up to 256 threads.

Screenshot of Cinebench software running on Windows 10.

In contrast, the GPU test uses a dynamic 3D scene of the car chase created by renderbaron. It allows you to check the performance of your graphics card in OpenGL mode. The scene is made up of more than 1 million polygons, lots of textures and different types of effects including transparency, lighting, and illumination. The test result is given in the form of the average FPS frame rate. Graphics performance depends not only on the speed of the GPU but also on the installed drivers.

Cinebench r15 also offers the ability to automatically start the testing procedure directly from the command line. The application is available on both the Windows platform and Mac OS. Using Cinebench you can compare the results with other computers.

Cinebench r15 Q&A

Is Cinebench free?

Yes, Cinebench is a freeware benchmark software released by MAXON Computers. Is's available for Windows and Mac, and it's completely free.

Software review

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Cinebench R15 Review

When I overclock my Desktop I'm always interested how much my changes affect the CPU and GPU performance. Cinebench r15 is one of my favorite applications to test the stability of my tweaks. Of course you can also use Cinebench r15 to check how much your desktop can score, and compare your ratings with different hardware inside Cinebench r15. MAXON created a great, free benchmark tool for CPU and OpenGL. It is used by professional benchmark websites to compare the results and make judgment about the hardware. Cinebench r15 is available for Windows and Mac, and I would definitely recommend it to you if you like to benchmark your PC or Mac. After you download Cinebench r15, and install it on your system you have access to two tests. Run OpenGL for GPU test, and CPU for the processor.

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