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The data that you sent from your web browser can be intercepted and analyzed if it is not encrypted. Surprising, right? Well, there is software that does the same thing. Charles 64-bit is a web proxy browser that is designed to provide detailed information to the user about the data exchanged by their browsers and the websites they are visiting. This fantastic software allows you to capture the request and responses to analyze the traffic.

The software provides an easy-to-use interface and displays the details about each visited website. Hence you can see the loaded resources, HTTP headers, used protocol, and response code for the current session. Charles filters all the traffic from the web browser and presents it in a report.

Usually, users cannot view what is being sent or received between browsers and the servers. Charles makes it convenient and determines exactly where the fault is, diagnoses it, and fixes the problem. The features and options available on this platform enable the user to specify the protocols and when addresses to track. This fantastic platform can exclude specific URLs when they are not relevant. Charles allows the users to export the application configuration to file, this facilitates the user to use them on another computer so that you can use the same parameters on multiple computers. The software works by configuring the browser on the system to use it as the web proxy server.


  • SSL Proxying: This fantastic software enables the user to view SSL requests and responses in plain text.

  • Bandwidth Throttling: This amazing feature use to simulate slower Internet connections including latency.

  • AMF: Charles facilitates the user to view the contents of the Flash remoting/ Flex Remoting message as a tree.

  • AJAX Debugging: The user can view XML and JSON requests and responses as a tree.

  • Repeat request to test back-end changes.

  • Edit requests to test different inputs.

  • Breakpoint to intercept and edit requests

  • Validate the recorded HTML, CSS, and RSS responses using the W3C validator.

How to install Charles 64-bit on the Windows operating system?

Charles is a perfectly reliable and beneficial application to analyze web traffic. The PC version of this software is available easily on various trusted websites. To install Charles 64-bit on your Windows operating system, follow the instructions described below.

Step 1: It is always preferred to download the software from the official website. To visit the Charles site, click

Step 2: Alternatively, open your browser and search “Download Charles 64-bit for Windows” in the search box.

Step 3: You can choose any trusted websites like from the search result page to download this fantastic game.

Step 4: Once the downloading is completed, click the setup or .exe file twice to start the installation process.

Step 5: Follow the instructions and guidelines very carefully.

Step 6: When the installation process completes successfully. Now you can use this fantastic software on your system to analyze traffic from various web browsers.

Charles 64-bit provides a 30-days trial version to the users.