Download CentBrowser

CentBrowser is the most feature rich Chromium browser packed with mouse gesture, super drag, memory optimization, private tab, fully portable version, scrollable tab bar, privacy protection, and highly customizable.

CentBrowser offers a lot of useful options including lazy session loading, allowing browser to load only current tab on browser startup, other tabs are loaded when selected, show download button, hide bookmarks star from end of location bar, image background, display bookmarks in multiple columns, run are extensions in one process, free kernel cache and much more.

CentBrowser Settings

The Chromium browser is also focused on privacy settings. You can easily turn-off request to Google servers for search suggestions from URL bar, block risky websites, disable Google suggestions, disable WebRTC, prevent leaking IP by WebRTC, disable HTML5 canvas fingerprinting, disable HTML5 AudioContex, disable access to battery status, disable screenshot by extensions etc. There is also an option to encrypt passwords and cookies.

CentBrowser Super Drag setting is one of the best feature of the browser. You can perform copy, search, open new foreground or background tab, using drag and drop.

The browsers offers also support for mouse gestures. All available gestures are available in browser setting. You can open new tab, forward page, copy current URL to clipboard, go to page top and more.