Download Avogadro

Avogadro is an advanced molecule editor and visualizer designed for use in bioinformatics, molecular modeling, materials science, computational chemistry, and related areas. The software offers flexible rendering and a powerful plugin architecture.

Highlights features of Avogadro software include easy to use interface built to work easily for students and advanced researchers both, supports multi-threaded rendering and computation, Open Babel import of chemical files, input generation for multiple computational chemistry packages, crystallography, and biomolecules. Plugin architecture for developers, including rendering, interactive tools, commands, and Python scripts.

Screenshot of Avogadro software running on Windows 10.

Avogadro software offers a lot of option to configure display. You can activate axes, cartoon, polygon, ring, surfaces, wireframes, label and much more. Each setting can be configured separately. Form extensions we can select animations, optimize geometry, generate Q-chem, LAMMPS, PSI4, MOPAC, GAMESS-UK and more.