Download AutoIt

AutoIt is a freeware scripting language used for automating anything in Windows. This programming language is based on BASIC and similar to other high-level languages. The purpose of designing this program is to help automated tasks and processes that help you save time and perform more productive. The task automation can be processed using a combination of simulated keystrokes, mouse movement, and window manipulation. Fortunately, no annoying runtime is required to run this freeware tool on your operating system.

Initially, AutoIt was designed to automate and configure PCs but with advancements, now it becomes a powerful language that supports every task that veteran scripter would expect such as complex expressions, loops, and more.

Installing this language on your system will prompt an editor in which the user has the access to some basic tools for writing codes and performing other useful tasks or stuff. You are free to create simple scripts and test run them to see if they perform the desired action and display the desired result. AutoIt displays important information about processes and tasks that are running smoothly in the background.

To work on this programming language, you should know fundamental coding principles. It can be considered a great and effective tool for professionals but for beginners, it could be complicated and needs to learn.


  • Easy to learn BASIC-like syntax

  • Simulate the keystrokes and mouse movements.

  • Manipulate windows and processes.

  • Interact with all standard windows controls.

  • Scripts can be compiled into standalone executables.

  • Create Graphical user interface (GUIs)

  • COM support

  • Regular expressions.

  • Directly call external DLL and Windows API functions

  • Scriptable RunAs functions

  • Detailed helpfile and large community-based support forums

  • Unicode and x64 support

  • Digitally signed for peace of mind

  • Works with Windows vista’s user account control (UAC)

How to install AutoIt on the Windows Operating system?

The PC version of AutoIt is available easily on various online platforms. You can use any reliable and trusted website to download it on your system. However, you can follow the instructions described below, to successfully run this freeware tool on your Windows operating system.

Step 1: You can download AutoIt directly by visiting its official website.

Step 2: Alternatively, open your browser and search “Download AutoIt for Windows” in the search box.

Step 3: You can choose any trusted websites like from the search result page to download this fantastic game.

Step 4: Once the downloading is completed, click the setup or .exe file twice to start the installation process.

Step 5: Follow the instructions and guidelines very carefully.

Step 6: When the installation process completes successfully. Now you can use this program on your Windows system.

AutoIt is available in 32-bit and 64-bit, hence choose the version accordingly that matched your system specifications. While using this program, you will need to keep in mind a few important aspects.

  1. Save your script with the .au3 extension

  2. Compile the script and create a .exe executable file.

  3. The pop-up that you want to handle should be present beforehand so that the .exe file can work on it.