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AutoCAD Civil 3D software is a leading Windows PC civil engineering design application, providing project teams with a more robust solution for surveying, design, analysis, and documentation that helps them to complete land development, transport, and environmental projects more rapidly and with enhanced precision. AutoCAD Civil 3D by Autodesk offers the required resources to build organized, accurate design information; refine the analysis, simulation, and visualization designs, and produce higher-quality construction and organizational documents and digital models.

At the heart of AutoCAD Civil 3D for Windows, model-centric technology helps to keep the design, review, and documentation synchronized so that you can eliminate errors and omissions, speed up decision-making, and shorten development time, allowing the company gains a competitive edge.

Perform faster design iterations with an intelligent 3D model-based framework that when changes are made, dynamically updates associated design elements - intersections, roundabouts, corridors, parcels, pipes, and grading of architecture and layout with specialized methods and customizable design specifications. To help assess current conditions, access and use geospatial data, including LiDAR, and perform analysis. To better evaluate project success and help to express design intent and much more, conduct immersive 3D simulations and visualizations.

Features of AutoCAD Civil 3D

The most remarkable features of AutoCAD Civil 3D find mention in the section below.

Function Lines for Relative Elevation

Get feature lines from or relative to a surface, so that feature lines are modified with surface changes.

Dynamic Profiles of Offset

Using a default cross slope, create dynamic offset profiles. Modify them by modifying properties for the profile.

Related Alignments

Build a new dynamically related alignment and profile that switches between 2 intersecting alignments and their profiles.

Sizing and Analysis of Piping

Resize pipes and reset inverts and measure energy and hydraulic grade lines in compliance with the requirements of HEC-22 2009.

Generation of the Strategy and Profile Sheet

Build a schedule/plan and profile/profile sheets on a single sheet by including several views of the plan or profile.

Label Property Data Setting

Use property sets to apply custom data to Civil3D object labels.

Traverse Editing

Utilize COGO input and editing tools to construct points, lines, and curves representing transverse legs and side shots.

Resolution of Corridor Overlap (Bowties)

Solve bowties in the corridor in daylight conditions.

Download and Install AutoCAD Civil 3D for Windows PC

AutoCAD Civil 3D is available for download in its latest version (AutoCAD Civil 3D 2021) from the link provided on this page above, or from the official Autodesk website. Once you manage to download the software setup files, launch the setup installer to complete the AutoCAD Civil 3D software installation process.

After installing the software, the AutoCAD Civil 3D desktop icon appears on the screen of your Windows PC. You can now launch the AutoCAD Civil 3D software anytime you like to start designing your latest building project or simply touch up the one you were previously working on. Enjoy innovating on infrastructural designs with this fantastic 3D design software named AutoCAD Civil 3D!