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Ashampoo Office 2018 comes with word processor, spreadsheet and presentation applications. Ashampoo Office is an office suite is an equipment with the text editor, spreadsheet, an app for creating presentations.

Ashampoo Office offers word processor - TextMaker, that can be a great Word replacement app. The text editor offers all tools to create documents, add graphics, format text, generate lists, check spelling, reopen old versions of files and much more. TextMate supports DOCX file format and allows users to export prepared document files to PDF and ePub. TextMaker lets you create engaging documents alone or in collaboration with others in no time.

Screenshot of Ashampoo Office software running on Windows 10.

PlanMaker is a tool similar to Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Main features of the spreadsheet include access to over 360 mathematical functions, sorting up to 64 columns huge worksheets with support for up to 1 million rows, support for XLSX file format, option to generate over 80 types of charts in 2D and 3D, scale documents in print mode, open older version of a created file, and much more. PlanMaker offers also an option to save charts to graphics formats, and an option to call cells in other spreadsheet document files.

Ashampoo Office offers also a tool to create great looking Presentations. PowerPoint replacement can open PPT and PPTX files, access older version of the file, generate over 80 charts in 2D and 3D, play sounds the background by viewing presentation slides, and work in full-screen mode. Presentation app allows you to add own graphics to slides, generate animations and offers support for protected with passwords documents. The applications are fully compatible with Microsoft Office documents in the version from 6.0 to 2016.