Download Aptana Studio

Aptana Studio 3 is a complete development environment supporting the latest Web technologies including languages like ​​HTML5, CSS3, DOM, JavaScript, Ruby, Rails, PHP, and Python. The application relies on a Java library and Windows works very efficiently.

Among the main features of the program you will find m. Al. syntax coloring and formatting, display information on the level of support given technology by popular web browser, the ability to synchronize projects with servers FTP / SFTP / FTPS, automatic code completion, hyperlinks to classes and functions, the debugger or integrate with GitHub. Aptana Studio 3 Core holds the core set of plugins used to build the Aptana Studio 3 IDE/RCP. Currently it relies on consuming a pre-built FTP/FTPS/SFTP library as a dependency for building. This holds a commercial library, so the sources do not contain the JAR due to licensing restrictions.

Aptana Studio 2018 offers by default libraries such as Adobe Spry, Ext JS, Aflax, Rico, Prototype, Mochikit, YUI Library, Mootools, Dojo Toolkit, jQuery, and The list of included libraries can be changed as needed. In addition environment offers access to the command line so you can quickly perform system commands and scripts to handle languages. Environment interface has been designed in such a way that each part can be moved and configured according to your needs.