Download AnyTrans

AnyTrans is a great app to manage iCloud and iOS devices. You can copy data, create backups, explore iOS 14 file system, transfer music, migrate data between two devices, delete duplicates and convert movies MKV, AVCHD, M2TS, WMV and AVI to supported iOS formats.

AnyTrans offers an option to migrating data from the old to your new iPhone and merging content between your iPhone and iPad. Upon just a simple click, everything from your old device will be uploaded to the new one. Phone Clone not only works between iPhones or iPads.

You can also migrate content from your classic iPad mini, which is running iOS 7, to your brand-new iPhone 7 now carrying the latest iOS 14.


When you have multiple iDevices, Phone Merge works to integrate information dispersed among them. You can consolidate their contents, including music, contact, books, apps notes and more, into your daily use iPhone without removing any original data, and prevent duplicates at the same time.

AnyTrans is a solution that supports to transfer associated data within apps. Download AnyTrans for Windows and Mac OS.

AnyTrans frees your iPhone music from iTunes restriction. Now you can conveniently sync selected music between iTunes library and your iDevice in two-ways. Export any piece of music and video to your iTunes library and desktop, from any iPhone or iPad and opens a fast tunnel that enables two iDevices – iPhone, iPad and iPod of any type – to directly share media files with each other.

Transferring files from iPhone to PC in AnyTrans software

AnyTrans lets you explore your files beneath iTunes backup, and easily take your photos, photo videos and personal info from iCloud whenever you want.

With iPhone file explorer, AnyTrans lets you browse within iOS at will, where you can manage every file in easy drag-n-drop just like in another external drive. AnyTrans allows you also to download your iCloud backup and grab your photos, photo videos, and other files out of it.